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It might be the fact that you own a gorgeous Volkswagen Golf and might be planning to upgrade its wheels. The good thing is that you’ll come across an extensive range of Volkswagen Golf wheels on the market for every model of VW Golf right from the original MK 1 to the latest MK7. Below, we have mentioned what types of ozzy tyres volkswagen wheels will be appropriate for your Volkswagen Golf that will enhance its performance as well as appearance to a great extent.

Mk5 Golf Wheels

The MK5 Volkswagen Golf is extremely popular at present and comes with a massive following as well. Although there are quite a few options available for you out there, in case you are using standard tyres, you are advised to go for something less than 8 inches in width with an ET45 offset.

Even though more aggressive fitments having widths of as much as 9 inches are feasible, in general, this is going to involve operating stretched tyres as well as optimum rear camber that can prove to be fantastic for a show vehicle but won’t to be a good option for a daily driver.

Your suggested fitment for this particular model of Volkswagen Golf is going to be 18×8.5 having ET42 front offset and 18×9.5 having ET40 rear offset. When it comes to the choice of tyres, you should go for 225/40/18 at the rear and 205/40/18 at the front.

Mk6 Golf Wheels

Unlike the previous model, the more contemporary Mk6 Volkswagen Golf will be able to handle much bigger wheel diameters quite comfortably. In fact, there are quite a few models coming from the factory having 18-inch wheels or even larger.

According to the experts, the best option will be 18-inch wheels or 19-inch wheels. Although it is possible to accommodate 20-inch wheels, be aware of the fact that you might be suffering from more road noise or decreased comfort while riding.

Mk7 Golf Wheels

Similar to the MK6 mentioned earlier, the latest MK7 model of Volkswagen Golf will be able to fit different types of wheel sizes below the arches. A lot of factory standard models will be coming with 18-inch wheels although lots of MK7 owners prefer running 17-inch wheels in winter or in locations where the condition of the road is not up to the mark.

The MK7 models come with somewhat more wheel arch space; nevertheless, lots of vehicle owners will prefer to push out their wheels as far as possible to get that flush appearance. In case a wheel having a width of 8 inches is run by you, you might go for an ET35 offset for properly filling the wheel arches.

Nevertheless, several MK7 owners will prefer opting for a 18×8.5 wheel for improving the grip. In such cases, you are suggested to go for no less than ET45.